We are a dynamic and professional team.

We are always close to our client.

We understand your needs and know how to meet them.


Who we are                                                                                             

  • A team with wide experience in managing international people mobility process.

  • We base our philosophy on the proximity with our client offering him our support and adviceat all times.

  • Youth, dynamism, proximity, accessibility, with aptitude to manage big business projects, and at the same time to always be available for the particular client.

What we do                                                                                            

  • We offer a comprehensive service of relocation, with the objective to obtain the well-being of the expatriate and his/her family, providing his/her professional and social integration, and making this a positive experience, in the least amount of time possible.

  • Moving to a new country, starting a job, bringing the family, finding a new home, a college, a car, medical assistance, a bank... We know how difficult this can be for a company, an employee and a family. We understand your needs and know how to meet them.

  • We know that there are no two families, projects, companies, nor employees alike, that´s why we offer a personalized, close and professional treatment.

Immigration services                                                                         

  • Work and residency authorizations.

  • Non-profit residency authorizations.

  • Family reunification.

  • Student visas.

  • Work and/or residency authorization renewals.

  • Citizenship.

  • EU nationals registration.

  • We study and analyze every project at length, offering the best solution to every case, and guaranteeing an effective management. We prepare files; we accompany and advise the company, the employee and his/her family throughout the entire process, whileexpediting the administrative procedure.

Expatriation services                                                                         

  • Visas.

  • Social Security formalities in home country and abroad.

  • Immigration services abroad.

  • Relocation services abroad.

  • We know the difficulties that expatriation includes, so we offer our professional help expediting the steps with the Consulates of the Expat´s country of destination in Spain, assisting the company with the pre expatriation procedure. Our partners in the countries abroad accelerate the immigration process, the relocation and the cultural adjustment.


Other immigration services                                                              

  • Legalization of documents (Hague Apostille, dyplomatic legalization).

  • Processing of health, birth, marriage certificates, criminal records etc.

  • Interpreter services and sworn translations.

  Relocation services                                                                           


We know that it is not easy to adapt to a new environment that is often very different from the usual one, that´s why our target is a brief and pleasant adjustment period.

We realize the important rolethat finding a new home plays in this process, that´s why we offer our client help in:

  • General area orientation.

  • Visits to several areas of the city of residence to familiarize expat with the area.

  • House hunting according to the client´s needs and desires.

  • Negotiation, draffting and formaliztion of the lease contract.

  • Opening accounts or changing names on utility services.

  • Terminating renting or leasing contracts.

  • We maintain in contact with both tenant and landlord during the entire stay providing counsel in everything related with the rent or lease.

  • Other relocation services                                                                 

    • Survival guides on Spain and specifically the Impat´s area of residency.

    • Schooling for children.

    • Private classes (languages, driving lessons, etc).

    • Opening of bank accounts.

    • Formalities with the Income Tax Agency.

    • Municipal registration.

    • Health cards.



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